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Blake Discher specializes in photographing people for editorial, advertising and corporate clients. He combines his professional experience and photographic knowledge with today's technology to create lasting iconic images. His work can be found in leading editorial publications and in advertising and annual reports for Fortune 500 corporations worldwide.

On a tight deadline? That's no problem because Blake photographs people using digital equipment and can provide immediate turnaround of ultra-high resolution images for immediate evaluation and inclusion into your layout. Blake keeps himself at the forefront of technological advances that effect the industry and and is a highly sought after lecturer on this topic to industry groups nationwide. The Detroit News recognized Blake as a pioneer in the use of digital technology in the corporate photography arena.

He'll make you look great; Blake and his staff understand your desire to produce an award-winning annual report, brochure, or corporate publication. He and his team will help you do just that. His capabilities and experience allow him to easily work with busy executives and his team's ability to assist with makeup, styling or any issues that may arise unexpectedly enables him to create lasting images for your use.

Blake, a Michigan corporate photographer, has worked hard to make his web site innovative and interesting. There's a gallery of Blake's personal work that features images he creates purely to satisfy his passion for photography.

Now a bit about Firefly Studios' location, just because we think it's one of the best spots in the city! The studio is located in Detroit, Michigan historic Eastern Market, a true farmer's market that to this day receives and distributes a vast amount of fruit, meat products and other foodstuffs to southeastern Michigan. If you visit, arrive early and take in the sights and sounds of the market; Saturdays are best for walking around and people watching. Have breakfast at the Russell Street Deli, located just below the studio, it's consistently rated among the best delicatessens in the area. Across the street is Hirt's, boasting an amazing selection of cheeses and gourmet foods from around the world. Want a burger for lunch? Then head over to Vivio's Bar, right next to Hirt's. For fine wines, it's Cost Plus Wine Shoppe, also across the street. Ask for Tim McCarthy, an Irishman with a penchant for wine and conversation. He'll help you select the perfect bottle for any occasion.

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There are different types of Detroit people photographers with different styles of corporate photography. My personal preference is to create corporate photographs or an executive portrait that has a lot of life. The best executive headshots is one with warmth. Professional portrait photography has shifted gears in the last few years. The kind of corporate photo that's in demand is no longer posed; rather, the best business headshot seems to create a window into the portraits taker's personality. Corporate head shots are usually done on location in the building of your company with studio lighting. Click here to read a great case study!

Detroit Corporate Headshots

A typical corporate portraits session would include shooting ten or more people at the same location on the same day, to help keep costs down. If natural light portrait photography is preferred, it is offered as an option if the company location is appropriate, otherwise, most Detroit executive portrait photographers bring studio lighting to give corporate photographs the formality they need. For the best corporate lawyer photo, a lawyer photographer may sometimes do a variety of both natural and studio light giving the client professional portraits that have a lot more range. Here are some examples.

Detroit Video Producer

Detroit videographer Blake Discher will almost always bring a crew consisting of a makeup artist and assistant to help with the shoot. The assistant helps with transporting and setting up lights for the portable business portrait studio and the makeup artist helps you look as good as you can for camera without looking like you have any makeup on. Even a corporate photo needs a little makeup. If you wish to have aDetroit video production with the same results as those you see in my porfolio, makeup is very much a part of the end result.

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Detroit editorial photographers offer many approaches to assignments. Most Detroit photographers, including myself, provide online proof sheets for viewing images. Any CDs with professional corporate photography are custom made to order depending on whether or not you need master files for press or publication, or if you need files for web use only. Most executive photography packages include at least one professional corporate head shot that's been lightly retouched. And here is another case study you may enjoy! -067-